Motorcycle PDR is a cutting-edge way to restore your motorcycle tank or fender to like-new condition. With our exclusive Mail-Order MPDR service, AMC Customs can perform these repairs quickly and affordably no matter where you live!

How It Works

As soon as you bring in or ship your gas tank or fender, we get to work! Our state-of-the-art repair instruments allow us to safely and securely remove dents from motorcycle tanks and fenders using our Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair (MPDR) techniques.

MPDR can repair anything from vintage motorcycle tanks to sleek modern tanks. By preserving your custom paint job, factory paint, and even rare original finish, it saves both time and money compared to conventional body repair.

Cons of Conventional Repairs

How do you remove a dent from a motorcycle tank or fender?  The conventional answer to this question is by removing the component, rubbing it down or removing the paint with stripper, applying filler to the damaged areas, and then rubbing the filler down before re-painting the entire thing.   Not only is this process time and labor intensive, it still may not result in a perfectly smooth finish.

Conventional dent removal usually requires the tank to remain on the bike, which limits tank access for complete dent removal. This approach also risks damaging other parts of the bike in the repair process.

At AMC Custom Auto we offer over two decades of experience in motorcycle restoration.  Utilizing MPDR over conventional methods takes less time and results in a superior, like-new finish without repainting.

The Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair Process

Before restoration begins, we secure your tank or fender firmly with a custom vice designed specifically for motorcycle PDR so it will not move around during the process. The vice allows us to position the angles in order to obtain the perfect tool leverage and protect the tank or fender throughout the process.We carefully remove dents in the tank or fender with specially designed tools that gently pull the damaged area out to make it a smooth surface again. This eliminates dents without any harm to your factory or custom finish.

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair Overcomes Repair Challenges

Removing dents from motorcycle tanks and fenders can be tricky.  Access can often be an issue.  Motorcycle tanks have their caps on the top, usually at the highest point, to allow for maximum filling capacity. Unfortunately, the gas caps on motorcycle tanks are not large openings.  This restriction makes it difficult to remove the dents from the inside.

Additionally, some motorcycle gas tanks are double skinned – kind of like a tank inside of a tank. This makes it very difficult to remove the dent as pressure is applied to the inside metal skin rather than the outside metal skin where the dent actually is. MPDR is performed on the outside when working with this type of gas tank.

Properly performed, the dent will vanish completely and the repair will be invisible.  Well executed, motorcycle paintless dent removal will never be detected because there is nothing left to see.

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair by Mail

Wherever you live, you can send your dented gas tank or fender to us here at AMC.

When using our mail-in MPDR service, send photos so we can give an accurate quote for MPDR on your gas tank or fender. We will review the damage and provide a free estimate. After completing our work, we will send images of your repaired tank or fender to ensure your satisfaction, before your tank even arrives back at your door, dent free and like new.

For expedited repair services, follow our shipping instructions carefully to ensure your parts arrive safely.